Did obama send a gay ambassador to libya

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Did obama send a gay ambassador to libya

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InnerCityPress.com is engaged these days in investigative journalism from the United Nations, including the World Bank, the IMF, the UN Development Program and the five continents. . Silent on Call to Distribute Weapons

Khattala’s arrest another of Obama’s Potemkin victories

How do you feel about “Gay Marriage”?. Obama wakes up. Says U.S. will send help to Iraq as a terrorist army threatens Baghdad. Rules nothing out. http://t.co/BP9eFAQej6 #rsrh

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... Speaking out against terrorism is now enough to cause you to be labeled as a supporter of terrorism. At least, that is, in certain instances. . 9. The invasion did not decide the war, but it did shape the post-war world

How Ukraine Will Implode

Many were impressed by the turnout, which appeared to be so high as to have people stand in lines to get to the ballot box in the morning. . Now he’s shifted his stance towards forgetting all about ousting Obama and isolating Putin.

More Evidence Key Dark Money Group May Have Misled Irs...

"I did talk to Christian LeFer," Jabs said. . Cheat Sheet: The Tyson Gay File

The Bachelorette: Grand Strategy Edition (or How to

Egyptian Bassem Sabry did more in 31 years than many do in their lifetimes. He was a political analyst, an advisor to presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi, and a part-time film producer. His voice surfaced in the blogging he did.

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World War III was a global war. It lasted from 2015 to 2021. It involved the vast majority of.... November 26: Egyptian army forces invaded Libya. Libya government surrendered.

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The lengths we have to go to get CNN coverage these days,” Obama joked about his recent trip to Malaysia and the outlet’s obsession with the missing Malaysian Airlines plane.

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Gay Daniels White. Obama nominated Clinton to be Secretary of State, and she was confirmed by the Senate in January 2009.